The stunning drone image of San Francisco’s famously twisty Lombard Street that snared a Briton a winner’s medal at the prestigious British Photography Awards 2023

This stunning image of San Francisco's Lombard Street snared Briton Charlie Moss Best Drone Photographer (People's Choice) at the 2023 British Photography Awards


It’s one of the most famous streets in America – and this drone image of it by Briton Charlie Moss cements his status as a high-flying photographer.

The stunning image shows San Francisco’s mesmerisingly windy Lombard Street, captured by Charlie one morning at 4.30am, ‘when it felt like I had the place to myself’.

The 27-year-old from East Sussex continued in an email to MailOnline Travel: ‘I really like how the image shows you an unseen perspective of the road from above, bringing out the vibrant colours of San Francisco at sunrise.

‘It was beautifully peaceful and calm in comparison to the usual hustle and bustle of the city. The final image is made up of five different shots that have been stitched together to give this unusual perspective of the famous road.’

The image won Best Drone Photographer (People’s Choice) at the 2023 British Photography Awards, with Charlie describing the win as an ‘absolute honour’.

This stunning image of San Francisco’s Lombard Street snared Briton Charlie Moss Best Drone Photographer (People’s Choice) at the 2023 British Photography Awards

Does Charlie consider San Francisco as a whole to be particularly photogenic?

He said: ‘There are endless photography spots around San Francisco, all with completely different perspectives and views.

‘There are 11 districts in the city, all of which carry their own unique vibe and culture. From Golden Gate Bridge to Lombard Street, across to Little Italy and Chinatown.

‘I don’t think I could ever get bored of taking photographs of San Fran.’

Are there strict drone laws there?

He said: ‘The drone laws in San Francisco are pretty similar to a lot of other cities – you can fly both recreationally and commercially as long as you have the right licenses and permissions and stay within the laws/rules.’

A photograph by Charlie of the Golden Gate Bridge. Charlie said that he could never get bored of photographing the city

A photograph by Charlie of the Golden Gate Bridge. Charlie said that he could never get bored of photographing the city

And does Charlie have any advice for budding drone photographers? Are there any common mistakes that amateurs make?

He said: ‘Honestly, my first piece of advice would be to just get out there and take some photos, anywhere you can – having practised flying beforehand, that is.

‘I think a lot of mistakes made, even by myself now, are caused by rushing into things.

‘It’s hard to shoot at sunrise or sunset because you only have a limited window of opportunity, but take the time to learn and understand the controls and settings of your drone or camera and just practice, practise and practise.

‘My photography is representative of how beautiful the world can be. Amid times of uncertainty and madness, getting lost in photography is an escape and I’d encourage anyone who’s lucky enough to grab a camera and capture those memories.’

To see more of Charlie’s work, visit his Instagram page –

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