Keke Palmer Bares Big Surprise On ‘Saturday Night Live’

A thrilled Keke Palmer announced in the middle of her “Saturday Night Live” monologue that she’s expecting her first baby.

“There’s some rumors going around,” said the “Nope” actress.

“People have been in my comments saying, ‘Keke’s having a baby, Keke’s pregnant,’ and I want to set the record straight ― I AM!” she gushed while pulling open her jacket and revealing her stomach.

“This has been the biggest blessing. And I am so excited — I’m going to be a mom!” she beamed to cheers from the audience.

“Even though, some people feel a little weird about me having a baby because I was a child actor. Look, I’m 29, I’m grown, I have sex, I own a home — I stormed the capitol on January 6th, you know, things adults do!” she quipped. “I’m KIDDING.”

“I got to say, though, it is bad when people on the internet spread rumors about you all — but it’s even worse when they’re correct,” Palmer laughed.

“I was trying so hard to keep it on the down low because I got a lot of stuff going on,” she explained. “People kept coming up to me, ‘Congratulations!’ I’m like, ’Shhh, can y’all stop? I got a liquor sponsorship on the line! Let the check clear, then we can get to the damn baby shower!”

Palmer said when she first got into comedy she dreamed of being on “SNL,” and wondered what kind of a person she’d be: A Maya Rudolph? An Eddie Murphy?

“Now that I’m here, I can tell you exactly who I am,” she declared. “Baby, I’m Keke Palmer.”

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