Anonymous celebrity gossip blogger’s identity is EXPOSED by ‘mistress’ who he claims lied about being pregnant and accused him of molesing her daughter

  • California attorney John Robert Nelson, also known as ‘Enty Lawyer’ author of the Crazy Days and Nights (CDaN) blog, was forced to reveal his identity 
  • His former lover, Cassandra Crose, a podcaster and single mother of three exposed him
  • The pair have been in a messy court battle since November as she claims he abused and harassed her, allegations he denies 

The identity of an anonymous celebrity gossip blogger has been exposed by his alleged mistress – who he claims lied about being pregnant and falsely accused him of molesting her daughter.  

California attorney John Robert Nelson, also known as ‘Enty Lawyer’ author of the Crazy Days and Nights (CDaN) blog, was forced to reveal his identity in a Florida courtroom after Cassandra Crose, the woman he was having an extramarital affair exposed him, The Daily Beast reported. 

Crose, a podcaster has been entangled in a messy court battle with Nelson that was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida in November 2023. She claimed in a court filing that he abused and harassed her, allegations he denies.

Nelson, a married father of two daughters, who once ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2018, met Crose when she purchased time to promote her podcast, ‘Cassandra Explains It All’ on his blog. His blog settled a defamation lawsuit with Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Diana Jenkins in 2023 but was ahead of the curve with publishing allegations about predator Harvey Weinstein

Crose, a single mother of three, began a relationship with with Nelson but claimed she was unaware that he was married.

Pictured: California attorney John Robert Nelson, also known as ‘Enty Lawyer’ author of the Crazy Days and Nights (CDaN) blog, identity was exposed by his former mistress 

It is unclear if Nelson practices law or ever was an entertainment lawyer that he apparently claims on his blog.

Crose’s podcast is ‘Drenched in Drama’ and ‘Cassandra Explains it All.’ 

In the podcast she features a slew of episodes directed at Nelson including, ‘Enty Lawyer the QAnon Grifter,’  ‘Enty Lawyer’s Double Life,’ ‘Enty Liar Timeline.’ 

Her most recent episode was on February 5 entitled, ‘Enty Lawyer Abuse Allegations’ where she spends 34 minutes talking about the ‘amended and detailed order’ she filed against her former lover.

In the February 5 court filing in Florida state court,  Nelson admitted to giving Crose hush money – at least $1,500 a month – to keep her from revealing his online persona. 

The Crazy Days & Nights blog that was created by Nelson more than a decade ago

The Crazy Days & Nights blog that was created by Nelson more than a decade ago 

He also alleged that he stayed in the relationship for fear that she would expose him and go after his family.

Some of his allegations cited in the complaint, including her calling and texting him – up to hundred times a day – that he described as ‘explosive, violent and threatening.’ 

The barrage of threats, he claimed, prompted him to get a restraining order that was later denied by the court. 

Nelson alleged that when Crose learned that he and his wife were taking her to court she went on social media and on her podcast to unmask him- telling listeners who the Enty Law was, the complaint states. 

Crose, who said she is a victim of domestic violence, claims Nelson was abusive and violent during their relationship, and was choked, slapped, and hit by him –  without consent.

The podcaster shared a history of eating disorders. She claims Nelson was obsessive about her weight and asked her to regularly send him photos of herself on a scale. She said she lost 35 pounds during the time they were together.

In an audio recording Crose shared with The Daily Beast, Nelson is said to have been heard sexually fantasizing about physically abusing her for eating unhealthy foods, and about striking her with a belt. 

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